Péter Ponnert

Expert In Cleaning Technology

I was a stickler for tidiness, even as a child. I was sweeping when my grandma came to visit, I was about 10 at the time. My mother told her “Look how nicely she is cleaning.”

My grandma answered “She’ll grow out of it.”

Since then, not only have I not grown out of it, but over the years I became an expert in cleaning technology and in 2021 I founded my own eco-friendly cleaning company.

I believe that by being environmentally conscious, we can protect our children’s future.

Why Are We Green?

Cruelty free
Organic product
Non Toxic
Hungarian product
Sustainable Development
Vegan Product
Recycled package

Regular cleaning plays an essential role in human health. Tidiness and cleanliness are also important for mental and physical health. It is important that we feel comfortable at home and at work. However, in order to be able to focus properly on our daily tasks, we need to reconcile hygiene with the protection of the environment and our health.

Ponnert Péter (PremiumEcoClean founder)

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